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Terms & Conditions


  1. All offers made by Materni Bvba., Ring-West 29A, BE 9400 Ninove, VAT number BE 0502 583 031.
  2. All our prices include VAT. If the intermediate VAT rate is changed by the government we will VAT rates will adjust.
  3. In our websites, mailings and other offers the articles and services are so clearly and truthfully as possible pictured and described. Despite all our efforts, errors may have crept in us. Offer Consequences of printing or clerical errors, anomalies in images or interim change in design, we can not be held liable.
  4. We are entitled after the expiration of the term of an offer to change our conditions.
  5. Our offers on our websites are focused on the National and International market.


  1. You can book with us on one of our websites, by email, telephone, letter and fax. Incompletely filled or unclear orders, we reserve the right not to deliver. Orders are processed in order of receipt and supplied while stocks last.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse to reduce their amount or to attach to the delivery. Conditions of an order If requested, we will inform you of the reason.
  3. Any order for which no specific method of payment is indicated, a payment held up to 30 days.


  1. The mode of transport is determined solely by us. Delivery takes place via our specialized transport company within 14 days, but always within 1 month of receipt of your order and payment, unless the item is not (anymore) in stock or in cases of force majeure. The delivery takes place at the address specified by you in your order. Your can also pick up your order at our warehouse and shop. Ninove, Ring-West 29A.
  2. If an item (no longer) in stock, you put them by the consultant informed for telephone orders. In a written order you will be informed of it by mail. An article that is not in stock, will be delivered as soon as it is available, at no additional cost, unless it is a joint order goes. If can not be (more) supplied by circumstances beyond our control, articles or replacement items your order will be canceled and you will be informed.
  3. When items can not be (more) supplied by reasons beyond our control, we supply in some cases substitute items of equal or better features for the same or a lower price. To such a replacement item still free return.
  4. For all orders under 40 Euro will be a contribution to the shipping and handling fee. This contribution in shipping and handling costs will depend on the nature and weight of the article to be delivered and notified in advance on our website. Upon delivery to your address, we reserve the right to check the identity on the basis of a passport or similar identification.
  5. If we deliver one order into several partial deliveries to you, are for the subsequent delivery (s) only half of the shipping fee, unless the offer indicates otherwise.
  6. Transport is at our risk. If your package is damaged upon delivery or incomplete, please call our customer service; 0032 (0) 54 25 06 52or report it to the carrier. After the items have been received by you, the risk of loss and damage to you.
  7. We can not be held liable for damages caused by (in time) supply. Shall in no event
  8. Items will be delivered by us in the information provided by the manufacturer or importer packaging, at the door of the delivery address or in accordance with further instructions on our website. Installation or assembly is not in the scope of delivery.


  1. You have a cooling off period of 14 calendar days, commencing on the day after receipt of your order. During the cooling off period you are entitled to assess, for example, by checking whether the item is delivered in accordance with the offer. Ordered items for quality and performance However, if you use the items during the cooling-off period, such that they are damaged or if the articles show use whether-his generality- if use during the cooling-off period causes the articles by us again "as new "can be after they were returned by you, we can not accept these items for return offered. Any costs for repair or to bring the items in new condition will be brought back without notice. On the sum to be repaid deducted Special attention skimmers. As you know, scissors very vulnerable.
  2. Would you like the cooling off period to make use you should use the delivered items undamaged - with all the accompanying accessories- and in the original packaging and postage prepaid, along with a copy of the invoice, within 30 calendar days of receipt of the items to us return it. However, this does not apply to corporate orders. Corporate clients can dispute the invoice within 48 hours of receipt. Prior to returning you need to contact. Phone or e-mail us Return is at your expense and risk. The shipping cost of delivery to you will not be refunded.
  3. If you would no longer have the original packaging in which we have sent you (including protective parts such as air bags, foam sheets and the like), the items you must notify us in writing. Before you return the items to us, The cost of missing packages or damages due to this, will be brought without notice. On the sum to be repaid deducted
  4. For certain items no cooling off period applies. Also used or damaged items upon delivery -in no damage has been reported by you - are not reversed. The right to cancel does not explicitly for the following products:
    1. products brought according to your specifications;
    2. products that by their nature can not be returned;
    3. products which can quickly deteriorate or expire;
    4. audio and video recordings and computer software as well as other simple reproducible products. which you have broken the seal;
    5. articles of hygiene or were due to hygiene reasons packaged and that are no longer in their original, sealed packaging, or the packaging was broken.
  5. Any complaints about deliveries should be. Submitted in writing within 7 calendar days after receipt of the items
  6. The delivered goods remain our property until they are paid in full.


  1. All invoices are payable in cash. You can pay with your order or upon delivery.
  2. We would appreciate it if you keep us informed of address changes. If you send a change of address, you will be expected to attend at the last address known to us.
  3. When the term of payment to all sums due and not paid automatically and without notice interest of 1% per month, as well as € 12.50 per reminder. Event of late payment, the entire balance due may be claimed, plus a compensation of 15% of the outstanding balance with a minimum € 49.50 and this without prejudice to our right to claim the administration and collection costs actually incurred and court costs as well as interest on arrears amounting to 1% per month. Payments are first made to the satisfaction of all interest, administrative costs, collection costs and damages. Only after payment of these amounts extends any payment on the claim in principal. We reserve the right to revise.'s Financial interests
  4. If you have amounts for items paid for, we guarantee a refund within 30 days after you have the defective items returned to us.
  5. The accuracy of all amounts specified by us is considered to be certain unless you have been alleged inaccuracies. Us within one month of receipt thereof in writing
  6. When paying by credit card, the end user is automatically a chord with Materni Bvba.
  7. When paying via PayPal, the end user is automatically a chord with our parent company, Materni Bvba.


  1. Your data will be stored in a processing and used for internal, automated processing in the context of responsible customer and our operations, such as order processing and for sending their own offers. We provide no data to third parties that your privacy tarnish.
  2. Course you have the right of access to improve your data. Do you wish to receive any other offers from us, please notify us in writing.


  1. If you are entitled to a free gift with no obligation to purchase this anyway remains your property, even if you decide to send your order. Return The delivery of gifts exceed two months after your order, or, if you do not order- after the closing date of the action. If an unexpected gift can not be delivered, you will receive a similar gift of at least equal value.
  2. We are not liable for cases of accident or force majeure. In these cases, the mutual obligations be suspended if these conditions persist for longer than one month.
  3. In case of dispute, the Belgian law applies. Unless otherwise legal provisions, the district judge jurisdiction to hear disputes.
  4. The texts, photographs, drawings, films, images, data, e-shop product database, software, names and other elements of Materni are protected by intellectual rights and belong to Materni.
  5. It is prohibited without the prior written consent of Materni, store the information offered (other than required to view the website), reproduce, modify, publish, distribute or send, sell or transfer in any way or any rights to third persons, under penalty of damages.
  6. As long as the goods are not fully paid, Materni remains owner of the goods.

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