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1. Deliveries are made after confirmation of the order by Materni and acceptance of your payment, within 2 working days for orders placed within Belgium. No compensation can be claimed to Materni or carrier by customer in case of late delivery.

2. By placing an order, the client commits to the scheme of receiving the goods.

3. Deliveries are made mainly by Bpost. The rates of delivery and time are available on the page where you order. If you do not want to take advantage of these rates, choose to pick up your order at Materni, Ring West 29A, 9400 Ninove, or you can still cancel your order.

4. As indicated both teats and bottles separated and packaged individually supplied. This will ensure that microbial contamination and particle pollution uitgesloten.Flessen are individually closed with a screw cap so that the prepared foods can be kept safe. Teats are packed in an easy opening flowpack which, only just on before the power supply should be opened. This allows maximum hygiene is guaranteed and you have a guarantee of first use.

5. If the package is not received despite the various passages of the carrier, it shall be returned to Materni and the recipient will be notified via email. An additional delivery may be requested by the client and will bear the costs of this (even if the first delivery was free). In making known of the non-receipt of an order, Materni will consider the information concerning the supply obtained through Bpost. If this tracking data indicate delivery of the package, there can be no compensation of Materni be expected.

6. The purchaser must check the products upon receipt. If the delivered products do not correspond exactly with the order, show a lack (a break for example) or are incomplete, Materni the buyer shall forthwith notify by e-mail and if necessary contact to deal with prior to use about.

7. Clients or recipients of products refrain from any partial or total resale.

Renunciation - Returns - Returning


1. In accordance with the applicable laws on distance selling (Law of April 6, 2010), the client has the right to do away with its purchase without penalties and without giving reasons. The customer has to be a time of 14 calendar days from the receipt of the ordered goods to return them to the NV Materni against exchange or refund. To obtain the refund or exchange the client at its own expense and under his responsibility to return the new products (with delivery), in their original packaging, undamaged and unused to the following address: Materni, Ring West 29A, 9400 Ninove.

2. If the goods are sent to Materni under the right conditions and the right time, engaging Materni fully committed to the payments made by the client back, without charge (except for the full supply costs and an administrative fee of 2 euro). In the case where the delivery costs were borne initially by Materni be the cost deducted from the amount to be repaid from the client. This return is in a period of maximum one month starting from the receipt of the merchandise by Materni.

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Unique: teat and ring form a single unit

Flow rate setting can be seen and felt

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